Sunday, June 12, 2011

It is a perfectionism person even if it sees it so.

Acquaintance's designer comes to the house to play today.

"Sharaku" ticket held in Tokyo National Museum in Ueno until yesterday was gotten from [de] and the person and it went on Saturday of [karatte] that would be crowded on the final day on [te] and Sunday.

Is it about ..thing.. 15 minutes trodding stopping the car in the parking lot, and hesitating trodding to walk?
When the ticket is put out by finally arriving, it is very [o;].
It has not put it in the car.


[Shitakotoga] and [kuu;] I. Coming [i;]?!
It goes for taking running. When ..[tte].. saying
It schedules it afterwards, and it is lost at the probability of about 95% and [yo;bo] [n] surely so so perhaps without time either.

It is [uu;], and calls painfully the perfectionism person (It is thought so that the person says very much for myself) previous ahead even if it sees it so, and is perfection. Though it thought of [tte] ‥.
After all, next "Temptation of search/dark of the Rembrandt light" has been seen.
..encounter.. , is next and it is "Body of an ancient British Museum Greek ultimate exhibition and complete beauty" interesting and it is so.
↓ ..this it..

[Sateto] [bu] shop is not cleaned at [tto] and 11 o'clock already.

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