Thursday, June 9, 2011

[Aa;] and talkative Friday ‥

[Kuu;]?Are you ..[i;].. mortifying to come?・・
No [-] ..the good movement.. the finger is fat or what though it tried to trim animation with iPod touch.

[Uu;]?It improves to You Tube while taken after all and [tawayo].
It is long, and therefore, is has it become, and [uu;]?Are you mortifying?Coming [i;]?

[Naa;] and I : because I am extrasensory.
It : as for opposite of the sense so often ‥ The person who thinks.

It thought whether [mitaina] man of me who moved only by intuition was able to become regarded man though "Information on work [hakken]" of NHK saw the said program in the evening.

The person in contrast to me occasionally when meeting
I must be worth with think whether it is possible to become it so and ‥ When designing on business, going out [chaundayonaa;].

It trows selfishly it is what in no what between the [usupperai] people of me. and weak points..painful.

[De] ‥ It skillful?[Tte] what if heard? will
Craft as not troubled person?
[Iyona] and [muu;] such a thing it.. ‥ with hesitancy

All are [doudai] ?.
Do you move by intuition in the sense?Or, do you think by thinking by thinking?
Is a thing shallowly and widely interesting of me done for the time being?Or, does it keep being done one?
Either is [indakedosa] story of goodness or badness it.. ..
It occasionally looks back on me.

Well, the person is a person after all, and I am me however and ‥ Quite curette it though it yearns ‥ It is not possible to become it.
‥ , ..reeling.. [ikka].

, deflecting [dayona] and it. encounter, ..reeling.. [ikute] ..not saying.. and thought training.
[Aa;] that is thought, and thought about ‥ Think ‥ [Uu;] coming [i;].

Spottily spottily ‥

It went immediately with bank severe [madecha] of Yokohama Station it because it encountered and the story that expanded , aspect aspect last day range of the action was written.
Result ‥
It is lost and [tawayo].
The road around Yokohama Station is not really understood easily.

[Kuu;]?Coming [i;i] ?

I want to spend the [aa;] end of the week calmly ‥.

..encounter.. ↓ ..this , "Information on work [hakken]"..

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