Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yesterday though it goes to Machida to receive [goru] who takes one's car to a garage for inspection and it has driven ‥ Unpleasant [a;]?It burnt out ‥.

Now because of not getting on at the usual high speed.
A high-speed expert : as [suggoi] [purupuru] trembling.
Why [kaba] though Nabis was set thinking the return as [pochi]?[Dakkeka] ‥ It enters the lane at the exit and it has been put out and ‥ Well though it is good because it was possible to return safely on a general road.

[Muu;] ‥ Always the range of the action is narrow when thinking so, and walking [kacha] is always always severe.
It be what to see various one with the car more ‥?

It is not understood easily what [demonaa;] and the road in Yokohama are, and exists when lost Nabis each other.

No, however however ‥
It spottily strikes it the strike of [iiyonaa;] when it is possible to move in various meanings ..movement...

It doesn't go to the bank on [sateto] [ima] day.

[Uu;]?I want to do animation ‥.

I want to make dogs' putting on things for taking a picture ‥.

I want to knit the belly rolling ‥.

There was , [dameda] work the encounter.

To only have being because I am good even by ten people and the unpleasantness five people ‥ [Muu;].
After all, even if there are five people, it is the same thing and all are [runokana].
Falling ・・ meaning.

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