Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hereafter, dinner will be prepared.

[Iyaa;]?It seems to be hot today ‥.

To Yokohama because it is a dentist in the afternoon
[Iyona] ..severe [cha] it.. ..three o'clock of 2:00PM.. though thought going ‥?After all, let's make it to the train.

When you will do [dei] [-] to only have to bring each knack knack together on the day tomorrow though time that everyone in the company is working in each matter is brought together so often
About one month passes with surprising swiftness.
It is [kakacchaundayona] of long time though brings together.

[N]?Is anything so ‥?

It is [naranaitona] [-] in knack knack Taro.

I think that I go because it encounters and I found the shop where foot back massage is cheap for , dentist the back.
Very, building [dawayo] in the dentist next of three.

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