Thursday, August 11, 2011

It is a pubescence that does variously.

Dentist who did yesterday
Now in the [ittsumo] smile. the teacher, Halt and by greeting it ‥ That terrible smile.
Does that laughter wrinkle laugh saying for a long time at home though ends work?

And, is yesterday's BGM a Hawaiian?
It is feeling that may lose one's strength.
The Hawaiian is heard with YouTube while updating it [nanode] and now.
[N]?Omission [ppuri] is said about this power ‥ Let's buy CD.

‥ It should be bright if it listens anyway.

It is [pie;] [rugasaa;] recently, and ..decided.. [sashino].
「Does the sea die?Does ♪ mountain die?♪」Is [tte] sung and the monster?..retreat.. [-] though it seems to be a cartoon that is ..doing.. and becomes popular ..‥.. now it when it begins to read the cartoon that eats for [nin] however?It.

Well, it is understanding [demosa] [-] that wants to listen to a dark tune occasionally, to drive me in, and to occasionally become it ‥.

Does such cartooning however everyone ..[rutte] and what.. ..vogue.. suffer?

[A]. [Fura] is start [ruka].
Hey, that is a smile, and the lower half of the body seems to be strengthened.
The search is [tto]. [-] ..putting.. ..,.. ..saying.. ..[-].. fall asleep

It is ..!.. [dameda] [kami] type is.., and is round, short, and ..chest.. [nai].
‥ each other !Is there a wig?
It is likely to think the [tteiuka] standing in the stage why.

[Haha] is [hahahahaha].

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