Thursday, August 18, 2011

It goes out with dogs.

At recent fireworks
It is [sonnani] in the latter half though made noise first by dogs.

Have it settled down it be what ‥ Well, and do it settle down and is it of age four years old it ten months,

Dogs also went to friend's house to play together so often yesterday.
[Iyaa;]?Put two to the wagon, move, and with [kure-to] that puts dogs in the car
It was all of a sweat by the departure with the luggage of the whatnot.

Indebted dog sweat shirt
It was fourthly ..[dewa] [-].. ..[warawarakunkun].. interesting from [wankomoita].

And, male dog [piezou] -.
It marks in [jojo] [ttoyattanoni] and the house before it goes and [chattesa] [-] also :.
It [mana-bando]ed and it wandered about in the room.

[Piezou] was noisily done [bibitte] and did not enter only though applied hinder leg [wopi] a little though dogs had started pooling for the first time.

The surgical knife dog Pieta ..sweets.. entered ..[gattsurikajittamama].. ..[pi].. a little and was white as [ji] [].

[Aa;]?It is likely not to have taken a picture of dogs at that time why ‥ It is mortifying.
However, it was happy ‥.
I do not want must to go out occasionally after all.

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