Sunday, August 21, 2011

It is energetic.

It ate after a long time with the golf companion on the weekend.
It worked stiffly as usual, and it seemed to was energetic and good though was able to meet [choro] at the end with the person whom was not able to be met easily.

Only "Golf" is a valuable meeting in the color [nna] meaning because it is common and the age and work are asunder.
There is a person not surely met either, and meeting [tetaracho] and the standpoint change on business when not playing golf.

I think ..mystery.. [-] at ..other sports.. chance to speak quite with uncle [chan;yaoba] [chan] to say nothing of a valuable meeting though it is even if it is not , ..encounter.. golf.
And, all energetic, positive [yonee;].

Aunts who encounter and are passing to , sports club are also energetic or there is a crowd and, however, aunts do not speak easily ‥.

It is speaker [inaikara] recently.
Speaking with the aunt met in the dog-walking and the uncle is happy.

It is glad to wave even if there is no dog when passing in the apartment house ‥ each other It is when not mutually understanding if there is no , dog.

..crowding.. ?When it is [uiu] or a face like waterfall Japanese chestnut, is likely to being able to forget.. [kedosa] , is [hahaha].
Face [demoi] ? like [aa;] [kurarachan]..becoming it.. ?
[Hahaha] who is not Clara of the dog in Flanders ..the [shihana] saddles it.. though it seems to be ..encounter.. ..,.. persistent.

Well, meeting importantly : even if meeting by what.

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