Monday, August 22, 2011

Little by little

Because it was cool yesterday
It will be good to clean it of the important person. Though it thought of [tte] ‥ After all, it was not possible to do.
I did not want to clean it [tteiuka] and yesterday.

And, is it [aa;] today?‥ If you ..better fortune of [aa;] cleaning [].. do not do.
[Aa;]?[Nakereba] ..doing... [Tte] I was driven in.
[De], [puchi], and the switch enter, it cleans in the morning, and rolling up.

[N]?Every time..think..every, it is quite difficult.

Yesterday though it is forgotten to do physical exercise, and did the radio at night so often ‥ After all, the morning suits the radio gymnastics.

The morning is long for a moment because it got up one hour earlier than usual this morning.

Let's go to the museum to make the mind settle down on [sateto] , afternoon.

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