Sunday, September 11, 2011

It was fun from an unusual

~ Well the weekend is
A long time, "Holiday" What I enjoyed in feeling

Saturday started with aromatherapy shop Denenchofu
I went to play at a friend's.

I'm looking demurely people,
Blaise wanted to force action on their own very
What 突Ki進N get something.
~ Muu 見習Wanai force and their actions

Sunday went to the exhibition of the chair was going to go far,
I think enthusiasm and creativity will Futsufutsu
Unfortunately, we had such a feeling
Well sometimes do such.

But from then to the gallery and I renovated the old house
Feeling good was good the atmosphere is full and natural.

Crucially, gecko? The Hebaritsui to occur,
The move to clearly figure out the shape from the light
It was a smile his foot, waving.

In a good atmosphere, surrounded by trees in the back
Eating a shop near the terrace
Surrounded by nature ~ Well, I spent the time peace and tranquility.

~ After eating lunch there, but I wanted the experience of blown glass,
Book from WW I could not.

~ Coo always wanted to be different

"Gallery mountains" is Koch ↓

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