Thursday, September 8, 2011

Today, waving waving Fu Pasutsu Whew ~ ~ ♪ ~ ♪ Friday Whew! Korokorokoro

Pieta bitch, something 見Erurashii

Sometimes no one in the kitchen and balcony,
It's Doggie barking toward the top.

In the drama last night Did you record
"Team Batista three bullets Ariadne," the
Started to prepare for dinner and then paused,
It's Wow Wow 騒Gi出Shita suddenly the Pieta.
Wow Wow Wow Tsurare it over with a male dog Piezoumowa

Now the suddenly go berserk, and I do see you again
Saw the Pieta while pounding, a better TV watching something
And the TV is up from over the head of Toru Nakamura
Apparently, the confusion with 吠Etarashii dogs.

ーーー quite well
I'm surprised the barking suddenly.
"Pieta I wrong, it's not the dog's head Toru Nakamura I," What
Still say get noisy.
Manami Konishi's face it there is no way forward from
Once you are settled up, waving.

You, I'm one frame to Nantes is not everyday.

Today, the treatment was the result of being downhearted,
Tsu got my drink sparkling wine from the day after a long time.

Surely, from doing such a thing ~
I do not work

But much of it up and I like to write a casual day,
What would I not happy for sure.

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