Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Put onion, cut meat, Chin Rukue by kneading in a range.

Evening, eat all get a little feeling of accomplishment! I Tsu Dodo!
Pafutsu made ​​raviolis a la vapeur ~ ~!

~ Per cent for the first time I cramped raviolis a la vapeur Well sure.
Put onion, cut meat, Chin Rukue by kneading in a range.
I did not like that can make easily.
Getting something dumplings What Toka raviolis a la vapeur
A little fun in the sense, I enjoyed.

Sateto what is today, and do not add up to everyone in the office Cybozu
The addition, one month What'll 溜Me込N.
I'm quite time consuming and save up ~ Muu

Along or whatever, to clean it out, yes even work.

Drudge drudge

~ I do whatever people diligently, Chau respect.

Oh, and some people who can not and it is still
Well, let oneself.

A Yes, I liken the fire difficult to arrive fuse
What do I feel fireworks, is not a.
If you put fire, fireworks go up a few seconds of 一応 is not.
But I do not know what fireworks would like to ~ raised, is was not.

Oh yesterday, I was walking the dogs in the beautiful The Moon.
Videos uploaded to YouTube "moon walk us" is Koch ↓

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