Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The role of each?

"Something recently, and I get many pictures flying shear or not," What,
I said to Rerelease Pye.

The Ah yes, I fly.
But in fact ~ Wu Temase N Fly!

E bordeaux broken wings ~ ♪ ♪ Rerelease Uu Uu
Rerelease ♪ E ~ ~ ~ Woo fly bordeaux
♪ A ~ ~ Lalala Lalala cod cod cod ~ ~ et et et et cod

E For example, I know it all,
~ What can I know my soon What
What you can fly Eyan, oh What I know ~.

The summary did not end yesterday Cybozu
Tsu yourself diligently, in frustration sucking away!

Ah, so it was yesterday,
But did you talk he had with a lady walking a dog meet dog well,
Now it stuttered chuck Well, it's being downhearted.

It is really interesting lady from a cooking class at home,
The flow of the story yesterday, "cooking classes" If I say What
"Yo Lee, Ryo Ryo" What, are you 言Enaku fine.
Then Aunt "So, You're right, I Cooking School"
What, did you know ~.

Is this hue and not always talk to people!
And there is no listener can always articulate it well from fellow dog yet,
Trees sagging jaw line that is not moving from the facial muscles
Murmur murmur

But there were reports he was calling from his mother during this
Sister lost her mother when zowie zowie talking for hours,
Finally I was satisfied from his mother "toodle" What,
Innovation not spotted it off!

The report was ultimately unable to say anymore.
The mother was also to call on a daily basis,
~ I hope by now it looks like the usual

Talked to say! Shaberita go!

Woo ~
Well without listener, talk to your heart over Makuritai over!

Oh, once in a while go to the company, not Paiijittekoyoukana.
Since well ~ Oh, and how humans each have a role
ぱいはいつもみんなからいじられてるんだ not that Painanoni not.

· · ~ I
Well, my role is "listener" What you write?

Wu Yaberidawayotsu press today over!

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