Saturday, September 3, 2011

Swelling in cheek

It was not possible to update it [aa;] and yesterday.

It visited the dentist food [tto] and yesterday.
It makes fun ..brushing teeth.. and the molar on the left of , comes to perceive it hypersensitivity and the dust dust and the treatment printed out have been done to longtime [shakashakachoi] the [tsuyo] by the laser ‥.

[Natteru] around of the upper back tooth with touch [rutopoko] with the tongue internally of the cheek though it noticed [desa] and ahead for a moment.

[N]?It doesn't swell when seeing with the mirror thinking of [tto].
Additionally, it is [moaru] in the cheek on the other side.
[] surely. ..reeling.. ,Oh is possible to come... It thinks of [tte] and examination [chattayoo;] on the net.

Now hey, it has looked for the dental surgery because it ..[narutte].. has been heard that it stimulates the cheek as the molar is chronic from cancer.

It heard it by [de] and yesterday's dentists.
Then, the teacher. 「[Aa;]?Does it have the swelling in ..saliva.. [derutokoro]?[Ahaha] in which I am, too」It says before it does by [ttesaa;] and jumping smile and the duck is seen.

Getting [e;]?[-] ..along..?‥ Such ..drinking.. [shi]
However, it is good, and nothing.

[Pie;] [runi] after it returns of [de]
When "Please show [pocchi] in the cheek" is said, the unpleasantness is ..saying.. [waretawayo].

Let's have [uu;] someone's at one time [pocchi] shown.

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