Sunday, September 4, 2011

The deep respiration is also considerably tight.

Free trial DM of a day of Nautilus room said ahead
I had panicked yesterday because it notices up to yesterday it.

It is on a roll, and "It will be [ikka] tomorrow" such always becomes and is [nacchaundayona] in the very limit.

[Iyaa;]?After all, food though it swam after a long time ‥.
Swimming in crawl in front of , ..the encounter.. for a certain period of time why was ..[ze] usual [nzen].. pleasant and because it was possible to swim, good though was scary time.

However, physical strength [taa;] ‥.
Though only one round trip though the leg is heavy though what round trip with the kick board it is after it walks always first is done.

Becoming such as [aa;] and these so and corbiculas.
Let's breathe deeply with the radio gymnastics for the time being.

..encounter.. ?The deep respiration must
Something ..[pi].. is surely heard and breathing deeply to one's heart's content when the other day dogs stroll is [nattesa] [-] surprise at ..stomach.. [tsurisou].

Corbicula and corbicula. doing

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