Monday, September 5, 2011

It did and [shamo] was swallowed.

[U] , [uououuo] [uo] [].
[Haa;] [].
[Iyaa;]?It ..morning.. ..switch.. enters today.
[Uu;] made day when large washing festival & dogs are washed?If you do not put spirit into ‥

..encounter.. ?Five [shishamo] of [tsumami] in the evening was put on the dining table so often.
It is [de], and very [nattete] in two when whiffing seeing ‥.

Munching it is [-] ..along.., and the surgical knife dog Pieta climbs up to the chair, it holds in one's mouth, and it has eaten three.
[Pie;] [ruga] was the re-angry to have aimed at [matashishamo] without learning by experience though was angry.

Well, though it was good for the dog because it did not eat an onion not good or garlic.

It is [a;] ..whether I should train... [umuu;]
However, it is inadvertently [nacchaundayona] as it is as training compares the root.

The discipline ..difficult...

[N]?Incidently, the bone is safe [kanaa;] though it does and [shamo] was swallowed.

..originating.. !It is eating [tanoka] ! as for [piezoumoshishamo]. trip ..what.. by chance?

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